Monday, January 30, 2012

Commitment Time

Today, I’ve decided to take a little bit of time to make a few commitments – those who have either done in the past, are doing, or are even new to 12WBT, will know this week’s pre-season task is all about commitment.

I’m a bit funny with commitment. I really do start out with the best of intentions, but I am easily waylaid and often get distracted with other things, and some of the things I intended to start, or intended to do regularly drop off.

Or, alternatively, I over commit. I want to do too many things and over-budget my time and end up rushing from one thing to another without giving each commitment the time and focus it deserves – and of course, the loser here is me, because I don’t get everything out of it that I wanted.

So this round, I commit to some very simple things, all of which I have given a lot of serious thought to how I will fit each of these into my current lifestyle.

I’m going to run. Three times a week, sticking to my running program rain, hail or shine. Well. Maybe not hail. That could be dangerous. I will run 14km in Run4Kids in April, leading up to a half mara in July (my first one!).

I’ll dedicate 8-10 hours a week to study. I’m completing my CIII&IV in Health and Fitness and I want to finish the courses well in advance of the 12 months I’ve been given. And I’m going to pass it with flying colours.

I’ll complete 12WBT Round 1 2012 Lean and Strong. I will tone these little spindle arms! Not only will I complete this round, I will give it 100% after a largely failed attempt in Round 3.

I’m going to blog more consistently. Whether it’s just a couple of lines and a random list of observations, do check back because I’m getting consistent with this blogging caper!

I’ll start planning my meals again. My nutrition has gone a bit hit and miss since moving house, thanks to not planning my meals. I will take the time out each Thursday morning and make this happen.

I’ll train as much as I can. As I mentioned, I will follow my running plan. I will try to make it to Jells Park whenever possible – cycling if I have to. I will continue to see my strength PT once a fortnight and I will build my own strength programs based on his, 12WBTs and what I learn in my course. And importantly, I will endeavour to get as much value as possible out my stupidly expensive gym.

I will FINALLY, go and get a second opinion on this neck pain. I will get this sorted out. I don’t want this hindering my commitments above like it has in the past. I will do this before kickoff.

So there you have it. Keeping in mind I still need to fit in work Monday-Wednesday each week, admin duties for my husband, keeping the house, socialising, attending film events, and of course taking a little time out to RELAX.

So here goes! Wish me luck – not that I’ll need it. These are commitments after all, so I won’t be leaving them to chance.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello Pre-Season Round 1, 2012!

Well here we go! Task one has just opened and it's time to get on the forums and introduce ourselves - here comes the start of what will be an amazing 16 weeks!

This will be my fourth - yes FOURTH, I can't believe it! - round of 12WBT and I am just as pumped for it as I was for Round 2011. Actually maybe I'm more excited then ever? There's something about it being a fresh new year, the program being bigger and more badass than EVER, and oh... the fact that I am not here for weight loss is a huge thing for me. Sure, I want to lose a few kilos but all my bigger goals this round will be focussed on fitness goals. This is not a concept I am used to!

Kick off couldn't come quicker! Not just for kick off, but around this time I will also commence studying my Certificates III& IV in Health and Fitness - I'm going to be a fully qualified personal trainer!

I am very excited for what this round, and moreover, this year have in store for me. Not only that, I can not wait to see the amazing things others do over the coming months - not only the amazing people I have already met and grown to love to bits but the new friendships I will make and the journeys people will have.

If you're a reader and you are considering joining 12WBT, please stop hesitating now! It is an amazing program and for a small price you will give yourself 12 weeks that will change your life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 - Reflections On Health and Fitness

Well I'm been trying to find a moment to sit, blog and sum up my year like everything else has - as usual I'm late (fashionably?) to the party, but hey, I'm here!

2011 has been an extremely full year! I can't believe how much my life had changed - not just in aspects of my health and fitness, but my outlook has changed - I've always had a lot of determination, and I've finally found ways to channel it, and it's helped me grow as a person. I know a little bit more about myself. It's amazing no matter how old we are, we can still grow and continue to learn more about ourselves.

2011: A Summary
Completed three rounds of 12WBT - a program I was aware of the moment it opened. I watched the 2010 rounds go by, saw some amazing results but really did not feel like I had what it took. By Round 2 2011 I was an Ambassador for the program and attended the finale workout as an assistant personal trainer. It was an extremely proud moment for me.

Started running. I started running on the treadmill in my local gym (I know, boring right?) - I did the first 5kms I ever ran on a treadmill, then the first 10kms. I remember seeing that 10km tick over on the treadmill and nearly bursting into tears - I couldn't believe I had done it. From there I decided I needed to start running outside. My first run ever outside was only a mere 3kms and I found it hard. From there, I was determined to make it to 5kms outdoors - I signed up and trained for my first ever Fun Run - Run Melbourne. I did 5kms in 30 minutes and 20 seconds. To this day I still haven't been able to beat that PB!

Later, after failing to sign up to Melbourne Marathon in time, the gorgeous Rell Frichot let me run in her place - I still can't express how grateful I was for that opportunity and I was determined to smash it big time. I was expecting a time of about 1 hour and 18 minutes, and came in at 1 hour and 1 minute and 45 seconds.

The next (we will get to the end of me blabbing on about running, I promise!!) goal was to get a 15km run under my belt for my major milestone to cap off R3 2011. I was nervous, I was worried I'd hold other runners back, but 1 hour, 45 minutes and 11 seconds later I was done! I still feel quite chuffed about completing it. Thank you to all of the gorgeous #rellsrunners for running with me - it was a special and really important day for me. Not only after I completed 15kms - I THEN ran a 1km time trial and THEN participated (well, to the best of my weary tired muscle's abilities) in a TABATA session.

Personally things have improved for me too - I am enjoying the work / life balance of only working three days a week then having time to support my husband's business and time to do the things I want to be doing. It's less money, but I don't care. Money isn't everything and I am happy I can look at my year and feel like it wasn't spent in an office stressing about things that don't really matter to me personally.

I've had quite a lot of ailments in 2011. Neck pain, which I have GOT to get under control. It's an ongoing issue for me and it's very disruptive to my life. Not to mention being severely painful! There was the month I has stomach flu. I was SO sick for weeks on end. Horrible virus. I had to have a number of dental procedures, which all in an all were preventative work but really, who LIKES going to the dentist. On the bright side, after suffering with atrocious dental pain in 2010, 2011 has seen me with not a hint of a toothache.

Moving house: a lot of you who follow me on Twitter will know I had to move house suddenly thanks to our land lords deciding the ideal time to renovate would be over Christmas. After being good tenants for over 4 years it was a blow. Weeks of house-hunting ensued - it was competitive and depressing. Not to mention the wasted weekends spent looking, the stress of the looming date to vacate, and my natural pessimistic nature when it comes to these things. That said we found a place. We moved, and I love it it. We are in a lovely place, across from a gorgeous park with a running track along the Maribyrnong. I like having more space and I have just started working on the garden out the back with the plans of having my first ever fresh herb garden.

There's plenty more to be said, but I did really want to focus my reflections on physical and mental health and fitness.

2012 plans blog post to follow!!