Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 1 Round Up

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having a brilliant week.  Just a quick update to give you a heads up on how my week went.

Wednesday was the first weigh in for the round and low and behold, after only two days of eating clean and working hard I was 1.2kg down!  This has made me so excited for the rest of the round as it really is the best result I've had in ages.

It's been a busy week so I didn't fit in as much training as I would have liked, I was forced to make Wednesday my rest day, so yesterday I faced a silly hang up I had and ventured into what I call the "protein shake" part of the gym.  I still felt a little self conscious in there but I think this was due to the fact I had a lot of standing around to do waiting for equipment.  In future I think I'll schedule my strength work for less peak times.  

I also spent a little time doing some interval training on the rower and on the treadmill.  It was the first time I'd run on a treadmill and goodness knows how long, possibly a year.  I don't remember it being this easy?  Even with an incline I felt strong and fast.  So for those who are really looking to improve their running and are having trouble walking away from the tready and out the front door - DO IT! - I did it in May last year and I can not believe how far I have come with my running since then.


With a busy week or so ahead of me, I have slotted in this training and I'm putting it here so I can keep myself accountable:

Friday - 9km run (done!)
Saturday - KIMAX w/ 5km bike commute
Sunday - 16km run
Monday - Bikram Yoga
Tuesday - 8km run with intervals in the AM, body combat in the PM
Wednesday - Strength training
Thursday - 9km run
Friday - Strength personal training w/ PT
Saturday - REST (but I'll probably end up going for a swim if the weather is nice!)
Sunday - 17km run

Some of the 12WBT people may notice I don't have a SSS in there - this is because I really do run long distances on a Sunday and I'll burn over 1000 calories on those runs!  

Anyway, also just going to take a moment to revive my old Friday tradition of taking a moment to acknowledge some things I've enjoyed this week:

Warmer weather, the promise of Spring, re-starting 12WBT and the excitement around it, the days at work going really quickly, good coffee, old favourite songs from a million years ago popping up on shuffle, being able to run, the feeling of promise when a new season starts.

Well that's it for today.  I actually have a lot of study to catch up on after the film festival, so I'll probably be blogging a lot more regularly ;-).

Have a great weekend gorgeous people xxx

Monday, August 27, 2012

Revival of the Ever-Neglected Blog

Hi Everyone!

Well here I am again, having another stab at blogging on a regular basis.  I just knocked over Day 1, Week 1 of Round 3 2012 12WBT, and had the idea I would keep a notebook with all my stats and thoughts, and records of my training but then I thought, hey why not chuck it up on this so-called blog and share?

So this morning I woke up feeling full of promise and excited about what I might be able to achieve over the next 12 weeks.  I got up, had a coffee and then my husband and I set out and smashed out a 15km run.  1053 calories burned before the day had even started.  What a great feeling!  (Must remember this next time I want to stay in bed).

Nutrition has been great today, I'm not following the 12WBT eating plan to a tee as I am keen to keep my breakfasts high protein during the week, so this morning I heated up a bit of pre-made zucchini and ricotta fritatta, followed by half a grapefruit.  The rest of the day I followed the program, and I plan to have a snack as desert shortly which will be strawberries with a big scoop of 5AM Vanilla Bean yoghurt.

So I'm going to be honest here and give my start weight, which I am not happy about - the last few weeks were spent indoors, eating sporadically in movie theatres during the Melbourne International Film Festival and I put on quite a few kilos despite trying to keep my running training on track.  It was an utter fiasco!  So my start weight on Sunday was 71.4kgs and my goal is to get back down to my lowest weight which was 65kg by the end of this round - anything extra will be a bonus.

My big goals for this round are:
To lose 6-8kg
To run my second half marathon at the Hamilton fun run on 11th November, beating my PB time of 1.24.02
To finally crack my 1km time trial PB of 5.01

So there we have it.  Day one of what I know from my last four rounds, will be a whirlwind 12 weeks.  Bring it on!

Nikki x