Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 1 Round Up

So..  Week 2 is already upon us and I haven’t even had a chance to blog about Week 1!

Honestly, it wasn’t a great week for me because I was still recovering from a bout of laryngitis and despite going to bed every night hopeful I’d be well enough by the next morning to run, I really didn’t have the energy – or the ability to stop coughing for more than five minutes at a time – until Friday.  I laced on my sneakers and took off for my first run in two weeks – 8kms later and I felt amazing.  It was slower than usual, but I was really happy with it.  I’m still so amazed that my body can just go out and run 8km on a whim if I want to.

One of my local running paths - love that you can find these
little pockets of green in the inner city!
Nutrition on the other hand, was spot on.  I lost 900 grams for weigh in one.  Very happy with that and looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s weigh in brings.

On another note, I’m now 44 days in 50 Days No Sugar.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been this long.  I won’t deny, there are still days where I’d love something sugary to eat but it’s rare and it’s pretty easy to resist now.  I think I’ll keep going on minimising my sugar intake wherever possible after the 50 days are over.  The benefits have been really worth this little experiment.  I think it’s also helped me nail my nutrition through the first week of 12WBT too.

Now Week 2 is here, I might put my training goals out there to remain accountable. 
Monday: Cardio interval training (done)
Tuesday: Boxing Boot Camp
Wednesday: 8km Fartlek Run
Thursday: Strength
Friday: 8km Run
Saturday: Strength
Sunday: 16km Run

 I want a throw a Bikram yoga session in there somewhere, but I’m not sure where I can fit it in with all my other non-training commitments this week, it might have to form part of my SSS.

 Anyway, that’s it from me – thanks so much for reading!

Nikki Maloo x

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Round 2 2013 Pre-Season Tasks

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to keep it brief here, as a lot of what I have worked though I plugged straight into the 12WBT site, but I do want to take the opportunity to put a few things out there.

First lets look at excuses.  Going through them I found the one that popped up the most was being too tired or too busy.  So I'm going to make a commitment to myself right here, right now, to start planning much MUCH better.

I often have evening commitments due to J's work so planning the training in the morning is a no-brainer.  The evening meals are where it starts to get tricky.  But with a bit of extra planning I can work around it, I've made it work in the past previous rounds, I can make it work again.

Next - Goals & Commitments.  I've had a few specific goals I've been working toward for a few months now, and others which as I mentioned, are pretty much just nice ideas.  

Running.  So, starting with my Half Marathon goal - well that's definitely one that's firm and works.  I'll be following my running plan, running three times a week.  The goal is to finish 21.1kms in less than 2:25 minutes at Run Melbourne in July.  

Weight loss.  I try not to make weight loss my goal anymore, but this round I am.  I want to be at a lower weight by Run Melbourne.  I'm going to lose 5kg between now and July 21.  By the end of the round (two weeks after Run Melbourne), I'd be happy to cap it at 6kg down.  

Core strength.  After the finale workout, I was pretty smashed from all the core work and it became very clear this is something I need to work on.  I'm pretty sure I've been saying forever "I have GOT to work on my core strength".  Well, why haven't I?  Exactly.  So this round, I will incorporate at least two core strength exercises into each gym session, and I will back this up with a Bikram yoga session each week.  Once I get into this week's diary (that's next!) I'll find a place to fit it in.  

So I think those are some pretty great goals to work towards.  Only a couple, I'm keeping it simple and achievable, because I don't want the old "Ugh, I've got too much on!!" getting in my way - I'll also be finishing CIV in Health and Fitness, attending MIFF and working during this round!

Anyway.  Kick off is tomorrow!  I'm really excited! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm still here!!

I have had a really crazy couple of weeks and really haven't had the time to update, but here I am, better late than never!  

There's a few things I want to touch on so I'll try and keep it all brief and then I'll do my darndest to be a little more regular in the blogging department. 

Firstly, Wednesday saw me cap off one whole month sugar free - 30 days into 50 Days No Sugar already!  Some immediately noticeable changes are better sleep, I can handle stress  and anxiety a little better, and - thank goodness! - not constantly thinking about food.  Sometimes I find my stomach rumbling and realise it's lunch time but thinking constantly about when I'll snack and what's next to eat seems to be gone.  I never realised what a heavy load constantly thinking about food is.

Also, over last weekend I attended the 12WBT workout and finale as a plus one and was inspired by the crazy 12WBT machine once again and here I am signing up for my SEVENTH round.  

So I guess I need to have a look at my goals.  One of the things learned in my CIII was that goals need to be very specific, and mine have been quite "negotiable" lately -  some of them are more like nice ideas than measurable goals.  So a new post to follow over the weekend with some 12WBT specific goals.

Also, got what I thought was my CIII done - and passed everything! - to find I'd missed a whole module!  I was pretty upset to be honest, but there is nothing I can so but get on with the job.  So over the next few weeks I'll charging my way through the left over work so I can finish my CIV on campus.  I'm pretty excited about it to be honest!

Anyway, I'll leave it there, because there is bound to be a couple more posts this weekend as I work through my 12WBT pre-season tasks.

Onward, onward, onward!