Monday, October 20, 2014

New Beginnings

Well, I’ve done it.   I have signed up for a new round of 12WBT.  It’s something I walked away from a couple of years back – after completing six rounds, I was the fittest I’d ever been and felt amazing.

Then life through a whirlwind of a couple of years at me.  I was plagued with a number of health issues.  I was being emotionally abused by a friend.  My anxiety levels rose to the point I was in constant pain.  I’m not here to share a sob story though; I’m here to share my progress, my positivity and my goals.

2014 has been the year I have spent healing myself.  Healing my mental health.  Removing poisonous influences in my life.  Investing in myself.  And now I’m ready to get fit and healthy again on the outside.

This is actually a hard blog post to write because I’m not really sure where I want to go with it so I’m just going to start with setting some goals and hopefully over the next 12 weeks this blog will evolve into something coherent and into something that might help someone else too.

Goal 1: A few weeks ago I set myself a goal to run 200kms before Summer starts.  After a few false starts I’m proud to say I’m 43km in and am on track to make this goal by 30 November 2014.  I set this goal initially, because despite being a longer distance runner in the past, over this year my running dwindled back in both in frequency – from 3 times a week down to once, if that – and in distance.  My maintenance distance went from 9-10km back to about 5-6km.  Naturally, my headspace still told me I was a runner, and I ate like one, despite not really running all that much as all in comparison to 2011-2013 me.  So yes, the weight came creeping back on.

So I set this goal as a way to increase my running, get really tidy with that nutrition and of course, lose some of that weight I foolishly kid myself I wasn’t gaining.

Which leads me to Goal 2:

I don’t like to make weight based goals, but you know what, it’s about time I did.  It’s not a time based goal, but I figured if I could lose 10kg to start with my clothes will finally fit again (oh how depressing it is to have a cupboard full of pretty things that won’t zip up).  Running will get easier.  I’ll feel good.  I find 10kg as a thought overwhelming, so for now I’m going to break it into increments.  My first goal was to just get hit less than 90kg, which I have done and I have maintained for over a week now.  Yes, I really did gain a lot of weight, sigh.  I didn’t want to really put it out there, but it’s time to be honest.  So the next goal is to reach 85kg. 

I’ve achieved a lot this year, so I’m feeling like I’m in a really good position to give this round a red hot go.  For those clicking through from the 12wbt site, welcome!! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @nikkimaloo – I’m pretty active on there, so if this blog drops off you’ll know where to find me!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing the next 12 (and a bit) weeks with you!