Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Days of Summer, And A Big Hello to Autumn

Well. I've been trying to find the time to post a "last day of Summer" round up, and then tried for a "first day of Autumn" post, but obviously, thanks to a lack of time between training, working, shopping, cooking, socialising and an accidental two hour nanna nap yesterday afternoon, time has passed me by and here I am posting in Day 2 of Autumn.

So, Summer. Well, if you call what Melbourne gave us weather-wise Summer. But just days ago, I was thinking about Autumn approaching, and getting out in the Autumn weather, and how pretty Melbourne is at this time of the year, my thoughts naturally turned to running (see, I told you I was a convert!). Then it occurred to me - I'd made it through the Summer! Late last year, when Summer was approaching and we had our very first very hot day I grew very worried, very quickly, that my training would slide - especially the running since it nearly always takes place outdoors. I was worried the excuses would come creeping in: "It's too hot" is one that springs to mind immediately.

Then it dawned on me - I made it! I did it! There were no excuses, I was even out there running 14kms just last Sunday in the 35 degree heat!

Now my next challenge - conquering Winter. As the days get shorter I know I will find it harder to get up in the morning. So I really need to focus NOW on my commitment to becoming an early riser. I've not been great at it lately, and it is because I get to bed way too late.

Now, a quick round up of Week 2 Training:
I have been so happy with it. I managed a total of 28 kilometres over three runs (including the 14km run I mentioned above), a combat class, a KIMAX class, two strength sessions.

Week 3 Training:

So far, Monday was a strength session - my legs were sulking after my big run the day before, so I smashed out an upper body session, Tuesday 6km speed run. Completed on the treadmill as it was pouring rain. I don't really like running on the treadmill, but I needed to get this done as my training week was FULL, Wednesday a group workout in Princes Park which is touch football and boxing based, Thursday morning a 7km run and then KIMAX in the evening.

For those who like boxing and have KIMAX in their gym I urge you to go try it! It's so much fun:)

For the rest of the week, tonight I'm going to head to a Pump class, tomorrow I have a great boxing session at Jells Park to look forward to (which includes a 5km ride there and a 5km ride back), then Sunday, an 8km run. After last weekend the 8km run feels like a rest!!

My nutrition has been getting better and better, and I saw a 1.4kg loss over the last two weeks, which I am very happy with.

Finally - my Friday list of things that made me happy!

Setting out in the rain on Thursday morning and having the running track all to myself, running into a fellow 12WBTer whilst running last weekend, exceeding my goals, the fact that it's Autumn, by far my favourite season in Melbourne, unexpected ducklings sightings, impromptu catch ups with my best friend last Tuesday evening, sore muscles reminding me of how hard I have been training, well deserved baths, lovely Twitter people being awesome, awesome friends.

There's probably more but that's all I can think of right now!!

Have a gorgeous and fabulous weekend everyone!!