Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 2,3 & 4 Round Up plus 50 Days No Sugar - the Aftermath!

Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to blog for weeks now, but study, training, work and life pretty much kept me on my toes and suddenly a few weeks have passed and I have a million things to catch up on.

Firstly, running training is going great.  My pace is picking up little by little and I've even got my longer runs in over the past few weeks.  Also started a new boot camp which focuses on skipping, shuttle runs and boxing - so happy to be punching stuff again!  My strength training has dropped right off though, so this week's goal is to do 2 x strength sessions.

I've lost 3kg over the past 4 weeks too, so I'm really pleased about that!

50 Days No Sugar ended not last Tuesday but the Tuesday before.  I have to say I am really pleased I stuck with it.  It really did help me beat the hold sugar has on me, and now it's under control - while I will allow sugar in my diet - I will be very mindful of how much I am eating, especially when it comes to hidden sugar in processed foods.  I may even do this again once I finish this round of 12WBT.  There were certainly a lot of benefits that were very noticeable - better sleep, stable moods, not feeling hungry all the time, no mid-afternoon slump just to name a few - all very worthwhile rewards!

This week's 12WBT challenge is to get to bed early.  I never feel like I entirely catch up on my sleep debt, so I'm taking this on.  Social Networking curfew from 8.30pm and then in bed with a book and lights out by 9.30 sharp.  This is possible most nights except Wednesday when I have a film preview to attend with Jake, but with careful planning that night I can be in bed by 10.30am.  I'm interested to see what (potentially) 9 hours sleep instead of 6 hours sleep will have.

Anyway, I'll keep this post short as I have a billion things to do today - thanks for reading!!

Happy Friday to you,
Nikki x

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